Print Checklist

  • FAX SAMPLE to Flanagin’s before printing – 219-464-9787
  • PRE-PRINTED LABELS will cost more in postage. (electronic lists preferred) We cannot get you the best postage if you print labels or pre-address the mail piece.
  • IDENTICAL PIECES. A bulk mailing MUST be identical. That means color, weight, and text. Even a poor cut can affect weight.
  • ENOUGH PIECES to cover the full mailing. We need 10-20 piece overrun.
  • CORRECT PERMIT on the piece. If there is no permit imprint, there is an additional charge. If you are uncertain of which permit to put on the piece, call us first.
  • FOLD ON BOTTOM AND TAB ON TOP. If the opening is at the bottom, we cannot mail it.

  • 28 LB MINIMUM PAPER WEIGHT.  USPS requirement. 20# paper is too thin.
  • ADDRESS & BARCODE SPACE.   An easy safeguard is leave the lower right hand corner blank. 3 3/4″ x 2 1/8″. Fax us your design before printing so we can approve for postal qualifications.

  • ASPECT RATIO.  Measure your mail piece.  Length divided by height must be more than 1.3 or less than 2.5.
  • NO AQUEOUS OR VARNISH. Our ink will not adhere to coated paper, it will just smear. Request the mail side free from coating. If it comes coated, we will have to apply labels.
  • MOVE-UPDATE REQUIREMENT.  All discounted mail must have proof of move-update. All forms of move-update are good for only 95 days. You need to choose one of the options:
    • Have us add “Or Current Resident” to your piece
    • Have us add “Return Service Requested” to your piece (you will pay first class return postage for any that are returned)
    • Have us add “Change Service Requested” (you will pay address correction fee for each separate notice)
    • Have us send your list through National Change of Address at $.02 per submitted record. You will receive a report of all moves located to update your master database. Preferred option for overall savings. Reduce postage, printing, & labor on all future mailings.